About Us

You deserve a vehicle that fits all of your family needs and doesn’t cripple your budget.  Our consultants are automotive experts and will make recommendations that fit your driving needs.  

We will discuss all available models that work within your budget, and meet your equipment requirements. We will provide you with specifications, MPG, safety reports – all the information you need to make an educated decision.  We make this process fun for you!

While we are discussing the vehicles that fit your needs, we also disclose the prices.  You get to look at what each vehicle will cost up front! 

We show you exactly what interest rate you qualify for, and show you what the payments will be! We work with over 30 lenders and our goal is to find the best interest rate for you!  This information is critical to ensure we stay within your desired budget.

Our available inventory exceeds 300,000 vehicles per day! We search this inventory and select the best options for you.

Once we find a fit, we will email you pictures, and talk to you about the history of the vehicle, and analyze the current condition. This step includes going over a CarFax report with you. Our team of experts makes sure you get a vehicle that is everything you desire! 


We work very hard to ensure that your vehicle is worry-free.  Inspections are performed by ASE certified mechanics.  Each vehicle must pass a comprehensive inspection before we will deliver it to you.  

Even though we look at history reports – they aren’t good enough to determine if a vehicle is in satisfactory condition.  That’s why we have actual mechanics inspect the vehicles we sell. We want to make sure the vehicle is in great condition for you!

Once your vehicle is detailed and serviced, it’s time for you to test drive.  This is where we show you how to operate the vehicle equipment, and you get a chance to make sure you are happy with the vehicle we have provided for you.  

It’s very exciting!  Bring the whole family, and take your time reviewing your vehicle!

We’re glad you are happy with your vehicle, but it doesn’t end there!  If you are ever in need or have questions, we are here to help! 

We want your entire ownership experience to be wonderful, we can help with servicing needs, or whatever comes up – we’ll be here!

Thank you for your business!