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At AutoSearch USA, we take things least the important things like relationships, fun and doing right by our customers. The rest simply isn't worth stressing over. Our Colorado Springs auto brokers are trained to focus on you and your needs first. Because in the end, we know that your auto buying experience and ownership will be more satisfactory when you've been heard, understood and guided to what best fits your life, not what fits our agenda.

When you partner with us, your auto search is nothing like a traditional car buying experience. Give us a call and experience the difference for yourself!


Ronnie started in the auto industry in 1993 - selling cars at a dealership in Minnesota.  After 5 years he realized he wanted to offer his clients something more... He really wanted to offer a solution to people's needs instead of selling them a car that day.


Becoming a broker has given him the opportunity to be unbiased about any car, and helpful to people.  


In 1998 Ronnie joined AutoSearch USA, and eventually bought the Southern Colorado franchise in 2007.  "I love what I do!  I like to help people, and I am looking forward to helping you!"

FAVORITE RIDE: Aston Martin DB11

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Judy is a proud mother, grandmother, and great grandmother!  She is a lifelong Colorado Springs resident, with deep ties in the community. Her job is to ensure that all of our clients have a smooth paperwork experience.

FAVORITE RIDE: Lincoln Navigator 

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Kristi moved here in 1998 from Chicago, Illinois and considers Colorado “home”.  After being a stay at home mom for 10+ years she decided it was time to work outside of the home again. She joined the AutoSearch team in March of 2018 doing marketing and social media. 


Being a mom to 3 active teenagers she understands how busy and hectic life can feel. She likes to bring calmness, consistency, and laughter to the office. If you see her, stop by and say hello!


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James Proby is a Native of Colorado Springs and joined AutoSearch USA in 2004. James is an active community leader and has served in many roles as an employee, business owner and community steward of Colorado Springs.


While he left full-time employment with AutoSearch USA in 2006 to pursue other career paths, he maintained a professional relationship and part-time employment with AutoSearch USA over the years. James is honored to share with you his 10+ years of industry experience as we help you acquire the best vehicle for you and your family’s needs.

FAVORITE RIDE: 2021 Mid Engine Corvette

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Adam Vincent is a native of Utah, though his path took him through North Carolina, Alaska, and Texas before making it to Colorado.

Prior to joining AutoSearch, Adam was a healthcare executive and entrepreneur, earning a BS in Psychology from Brigham Young University and an MBA in Healthcare Management from Wake Forest University. Throughout his career, Adam came to understand that to best serve his clients he needed to listen and understand their needs, then work in a proactive, detailed, and focused manner.

Through personal experience, Adam understands that car buying can be a chaotic and stressful time. However, he promises to be there with you, step-by-step, navigating the process as seamless as possible.

FAVORITE RIDE: 1996 Dodge Viper GTS

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Bonnie Simon is a writer-turned-sales-professional who has been fascinated for years by how people make buying decisions. Her experience marketing everything from cosmetics to alpacas made her realize how important it is to have good information before making a purchase. She joined AutoSearch USA to help people make sound financial decisions about the cars they buy.


​Bonnie enjoys partnering with her clients to find the vehicle and financing that fit best into their lives.


In her personal life, Bonnie is an amateur urban chicken farmer and spends most of her time acceding to the demands of her cats, doves, and hens. She believes chickens were put on Earth to make us laugh and is very glad they can't drive.

FAVORITE RIDE:  Electric Cadillac Lyriq (in 2022)

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Mac Little was born in Nebraska, but grew up in Colorado Springs. He graduated from Rampart High School and earned his Bachelor’s in Accounting at UCCS, so Colorado Springs and the community is in his blood. He’s served our city in countless charities and events over the years and loves investing in the lives of others. 

Before coming to AutoSearch, Mac worked as a developer, marketer, and entrepreneur. One thing he understands and cares deeply for is the customer experience. Almost 80% of people buying cars hate the dealership experience. Mac looks forward to re-writing that narrative and delivering an amazing experience for his clients.


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David has spent the majority of his adult life in service of others. First and foremost, he is a proud husband to his wife of twenty years, a grateful father of four amazing children and a happy owner of an English Bulldog. David moved to Colorado Springs from Michigan in December 2018 and enjoys exploring this beautiful state with his family.

David is a veteran of the US Army and served eight years in the Military Police Corps. He also spent fifteen years serving others as a pastor in his local church in Michigan. In that position, David’s contributions were many including youth mentoring with at-risk middle and high school students, organizing and operating a food pantry, and the establishment of a children’s ministry program in Nigeria.

David is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University Master’s Degree program. His varied work history includes twenty years of experience in the automotive industry. This automotive experience spans the industry as a mechanic, parts distributor, auto shop owner, and vehicle sales. This unique blend of education and hands-on experience has given David the ability to understand his clients at many levels. David’s dedication and commitment to service continue as an auto sales associate with AutoSearch USA.

FAVORITE RIDE: 1988 Chrysler Conquest

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