We sell solutions, not just cars

We understand how overwhelming and painful it can be to buy a car. You're likely tired of the price haggling and gauging, sales gimmicks, and pushy focus on a vehicle you simply don't want. Our goal isn't to sell certain vehicles sitting on our lot, because our inventory is digital - it spans the entire country. Our goal is to determine your needs and find the vehicle that best fits your social, familial and financial situation. 

We created a system that takes all the stress, hassle, and time out of buying, leasing, or selling a car. We have thousands of cars at our disposal and we have just about as many happy customers. 

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Because You Deserve More

Think about it. Almost all of life's major financial decisions are set up to naturally provide you with a partner - someone who is on your side, helping you with their knowledge and expertise. Buying a house? You get to choose a Realtor that helps you through it. Investing for your future? You choose a financial advisor that provides strategy and advice. But buying a car? You're stuck with an overwhelming rush of pressure and sales for a vehicle you might not even want. And no one is looking out for your best interest. 

That's where we come in. 


Our customer comes first.  Our primary reason for existence is to help our clients and customers find the vehicle that fits them best in all ways - current financial state, future goals and more.  We take time to build strong, long-term relationships and treat everyone with respect and courtesy.


Our specialized process is tailored to you specifically. Team members are here to make your life easier with financing plans that are customized to your unique needs.

Looking for a finance solution that has great rates and even better monthly payment options? AutoSearch USA has got you covered. From the beginning stages to the transaction phase, our professional agents are here to make your purchasing experience smooth. 

Expert advice delivers superior results. 

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Our Staff. Your Advocates.

AutoSearch USA opened in June 2000 and is a leading Auto Broker in Colorado Springs.  We’re committed to providing quality service to all of our customers - from first-time buyers to experienced vehicle owners. Our financing options make it easy for everyone to buy the vehicle of their dreams.

Have a specific vehicle in mind that you want to purchase or lease? Don’t have a clue and need help figuring it out? Our staff is here to help guide you every step of the way. Check out our team below and feel free to come in for a visit to chat with us in person. We are more than happy to help you.

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Ronnie started in the auto industry in 1993 - selling cars at a dealership in Minnesota.  After 5 years he realized he wanted to offer his clients something more...  He really wanted to offer a solution to people's needs instead of selling them a car that day.  Becoming a broker has given him the opportunity to be unbiased about any car, and helpful to people.  

In 1998 Ronnie joined AutoSearch USA, and eventually bought the Southern Colorado franchise in 2007.  "I love what I do!  I like to help people, and I am looking forward to helping you!"

Smiling Photo of Judy Bolger, Executive Assistant at AutoSearch USA


Executive Assistant

Judy is a proud mother, grandmother, and great grandmother!  She is a lifelong Colorado Springs resident, with deep ties in the community. Her job is to ensure that all of our clients have a smooth paperwork experience.

James Proby in Business Suit - Sales Associate at AutoSearch USA - Auto Broker in Colorado Springs


Sales Associate

James Proby is a Native of Colorado Springs and joined Autosearch USA in 2004. James is an active community leader and has served in many roles as an employee, business owner and community steward of Colorado Springs.

While he left full-time employment with Autosearch USA in 2006 to pursue other career paths, he maintained a professional relationship and part-time employment with AutoSeach USA over the years. James is honored to share with you his 10+ years of industry experience as we help you acquire the best vehicle for you and your family’s needs.

Adam Vincent in Business Formals at AutoSearch USA - Auto Broker at Colorado Springs


Sales Associate

Adam Vincent is a native of Utah, though his path took him through North Carolina, Alaska, and Texas before making it to Colorado.

Prior to joining AutoSearch, Adam was a healthcare executive and entrepreneur, earning a BS in Psychology from Brigham Young University and an MBA in Healthcare Management from Wake Forest University. Throughout his career, Adam came to understand that to best serve his clients he needed to listen and understand their needs, then work in a proactive, detailed, and focused manner.

Through personal experience, Adam understands that car buying can be a chaotic and stressful time. However, he promises to be there with you, step-by-step, navigating the process as seamless as possible.

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Sales Associate

Bonnie Simon is a writer-turned-sales-professional who has been fascinated for years by how people make buying decisions. Her experience marketing everything from cosmetics to alpacas made her realize how important it is to have good information before making a purchase. She joined AutoSearch USA to help people make sound financial decisions about the cars they buy.

Bonnie also likes to see people keep their money in the community by working with Colorado local businesses (like AutoSearch USA).

Do you wish someone would interview you about that car you have to buy and offer some sound advice? Buying a car is the second largest purchase decision most people make in their lives, second only to buying a home, and it deserves careful consideration. Bonnie enjoys partnering with her clients to find the vehicle and financing that fit best into their lives.

In her personal life, Bonnie is an amateur urban chicken farmer and spends most of her time acceding to the demands of her cats, doves, and hens. She believes chickens were put on Earth to make us laugh and is very glad they can't drive.



Sales Associate

David has spent the majority of his adult life in service of others. First and foremost, he is a proud husband to his wife of twenty years, a grateful father of four amazing children and a happy owner of an English Bulldog. David moved to Colorado Springs from Michigan in December 2018 and enjoys exploring this beautiful state with his family.

David is a veteran of the US Army and served eight years in the Military Police Corps. He also spent fifteen years serving others as a pastor in his local church in Michigan. In that position, David’s contributions were many including youth mentoring with at-risk middle and high school students, organizing and operating a food pantry, and the establishment of a children’s ministry program in Nigeria.

David is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University Master’s Degree program. His varied work history includes twenty years of experience in the automotive industry. This automotive experience spans the industry as a mechanic, parts distributor, auto shop owner, and vehicle sales. This unique blend of education and hands-on experience has given David the ability to understand his clients at many levels. David’s dedication and commitment to service continue as an auto sales associate with AutoSearch USA.



Sales Associate

Mac Little was born in Nebraska, but grew up in Colorado Springs. He graduated from Rampart High School and earned his Bachelor’s in Accounting at UCCS, so Colorado Springs and the community is in his blood. He’s served our city in countless charities and events over the years and loves investing in the lives of others. 

Before coming to AutoSearch, Mac worked as a developer, marketer, and entrepreneur. One thing he understands and cares deeply for is the customer experience. Almost 80% of people buying cars hate the dealership experience. Mac looks forward to re-writing that narrative and delivering an amazing experience for his clients.

Smiling Photo of Mike Griffis - Sales Associate at AutoSearch USA - Auto Broker in Colorado Springs


Sales Associate

With over 22 years of experience as a Fleet Consultant, Mike is lovingly known as “The Truck Guy”. He has made his way to Colorado from the Louisiana bayou via Texas and is looking forward to enjoying all that Colorado has to offer while partnering with the community to develop lasting relationships. Fishing, hunting and creating memories with his wife of 20 years, three children and four grandkids are his favorite pastimes.

Mike has been a lifelong entrepreneur. He began his pursuits in the business world at the age of eleven mowing lawns around the neighborhood where he quickly realized the importance of providing superior service based on the wants and needs of his customers, and all he had to do was be honest, care about others, listen attentively and be a man of his word. Those early lessons are still the focal point of his career and understanding the importance of liability mitigation and increased revenue that drive the bottom line has led to his success at all levels.

Mike wants to be your commercial vehicle provider. Just as he has with national and startup companies alike, he will be a valuable resource for you going forward by leaning on his passion for streamlining the entire vehicle acquisition, maintenance and disposition process. This includes customized vehicles, commercial finance and maintenance programs in addition to potential tax benefits based on your individual business model. He is passionate about increasing your profitability while providing superior

customer service to partner as your company and personal vehicle provider.

Smiling Photo of Lea Ann Griffis - Sales Associate at AutoSearch USA


Sales Associate

Lea Ann is a down-to-earth, sand-in-her-toes lady from Corpus Christi, Texas that found herself in the big city of Dallas back in the 90s. She is a mother of three and “GiGi” to four and has been married to her “Truck Guy” for the last twenty years. She is excited to be starting her new journey in The Springs meeting new people and creating customized vehicle purchasing experiences.

Lea Ann’s passion is developing lifelong relationships built on mutual respect and straight talk. Her vast experience in customer service and sales support makes her an extremely good listener. Her deep appreciation for quality customer service in her day to day life is evident in her desire to pay that forward in her community. Join Lea Ann in being part of the AutoSearch USA family!

Smiling Photo of Kristi Heckman - Marketing Manager at AutoSearch USA - Auto Broker in Colorado Springs


Marketing Manager

Kristi moved here in 1998 from Chicago, Illinois and considers Colorado “home”.  After being a stay at home mom for 10+ years she decided it was time to work outside of the home again. She joined the AutoSearch team in March of 2018 doing marketing and social media. 

Being a mom to 3 active teenagers she understands how busy and hectic life can feel. She likes to bring calmness, consistency, and laughter to the office. If you see her, stop by and say hello!

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“AutoSearch USA found the perfect car for me.  At first, I did not know what to buy.  They showed me an array of options that fit my driving needs and did not exceed my budget.  I ended up buying the car of my dreams!”


"I can’t thank you enough for making yet another car purchase so seamless. My husband was so worked up about the whole thing he had night terrors the night before and thus the lack of sleep on my part, and his as well. His whole demeanor changed once he realized how simple the process can be."

"Thanks again for your complete professionalism. I’m honored to know you."


"We are so comfortable to refer friends to Ronnie because he doesn’t try to push people into a car, especially if he feels they can’t afford it or it is not in their best interest. He is honest and straightforward and just tells the truth. We just don’t trust dealerships and it is refreshing to be able to call or email him, tell him what you want, the color and the options and you end up getting your car a few days later."

"We have bought many cars from Ronnie; a used Blazer, a new Honda Accord, a Saturn that Ronnie got as a trade-in from someone else, and our newest purchase a Nissan Juke. He is such a joy to work with."


"I’ve been doing business with Ronnie since about 2005. We purchased four vehicles from him actually. Originally, I found him surfing online. It’s been great doing business with him and he is a personal friend. He’s kind of been like a son to my mother. I think she’s purchased two vehicles from him now and he’s just very much a family oriented guy, just a good guy. We enjoy each other. I appreciate his way of doing business."

"About every car I’ve purchased from him I’ve come to his office at one point or another in the process. The first car I bought through him was an Audi TT that I recently sold through Ronnie. Then, I got my son a Nissan Xterra. My mother bought her car shortly after that."

"There is never any pressure working with Ronnie. He’s very relaxed and he’s very savvy at how he figures out what people want and need. He has delivered every time. I’ve never had an issue. I think every car that he’s searched for or found has been a winner. I haven’t ever had to say, “I don’t like that one,” or “That’s not going to work.” Ronnie is thorough and follows the sales process from beginning to end."

"If you get to know Ronnie and allow him to get to know you, you could find a friend, somebody that you want to do business with again. It’s not the typical going to a car dealership and feeling pressured by a salesman to buy something. Ronnie doesn’t do that. You go to him and, typically, you have an idea of what you want and then he just makes it happen and does all the legwork and the next thing you know you’re driving what you asked for."


"We recently purchased our fourth vehicle through AutoSearch USA, and are thoroughly satisfied customers four times over! The knowledge, honesty, integrity and customer service expertise Ronnie brings to the table make for a smooth, no-hassle, worry-free process each and every time. What is especially appreciated is that Ronnie has no agenda apart from making sure we get the vehicle we’re looking for and our needs are met, so we are placed front-and-center from the beginning and remain there throughout the car-buying process, and beyond. The individualized, personal and supportive service Ronnie and the team at AutoSearch USA offer is rare and valuable beyond measure – simply can’t say or recommend them highly enough!"


We offer fantastic financing and leasing options. Please submit your info, and we will be in touch.

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